4-Per4mance® Program

Loomix® understands the importance of a sound nutritional program and recognizes that nutritional requirements are directly correlated with animal health practices, nutritional value of feedstuffs, and quality of water available. One of the most exciting and complete programs ever offered, the 4-Per4mance® Program is an innovative approach in maximizing herd performance. This four-part program includes analysis of water and feedstuffs, incorporating feed analysis into efficient feed rations,

and working with your local veterinarian to recommend herd health practices specific to your market area.

Not just a ration program, the 4-Per4mance Program is an excellent sales tool. Dealers can use the 4-Per4mance Program to show customers and prospects how Loomix will fit into their operations, analyze current feeding programs, recommend feeding programs, save producers money and compare Loomix against any competitor’s product.

The 4-Per4mance Program is a remarkable resource to utilize when examining alternative feed sources. The program is especially beneficial when traditional roughages are limited and grains are high-priced. The 4-Per4mance Program is an effective way to find the most efficient rations to fit every situation.

To participate in the 4-Per4mance Program, simply fill out the Ration Request Form and fax to Technical Services at 608-935-3198 or email Kelley.Neuhold@allianceliquidfeeds.com.

Loomix Technical Services will balance the requested rations and send the rations and a brief summery to the Dealer within 48 hours. Upon receipt, the Dealer will call the customer to schedule a time to meet with Customer, Dealer and District Sales Manager to present and discuss the rations. When presenting the rations, the District Sales Manager will be able to answer “what if” questions and make changes to the rations, as needed. This results in a customized program for each producer.

For more information about the 4-Per4mance Program, contact Dr. Kelley Neuhold PhD at 800-870-0356 or via e-mail at Kelley.Neuhold@allianceliquidfeeds.com.