Loomix® Liquid Supplements for Range Cattle

Ore-Bac, bitter-sweet, Liquid Feed, Signature Loomix Product, Product

Ore-Bac® is a two-product liquid range supplement fed in an open-top trough formulated to provide nutrients to enhance forage utilization. Targeted consumption is achieved by blending bitter and sweet formulations.

Loomix HF, High Fat, Energy-dense

Loomix HF Complete is a highly concentrated liquid fat supplement fed in an open-top trough to provide cattle additional energy needed to maintain or add body condition.

Loomix HF Creep liquid feed is a supplement fed in an open trough to help calves prepare for a successful weaning.

Loomix 20-12 Breeder Cell-Rate® is a concentrated fat supplement which provides nutrients needed to support reproductive efficiency, such as conception rate. This breeder product is also delivered in open-top troughs.

Loomix® Liquid Supplements for Weaning/Arrival

Cellarat-ORE CPR, Starter, Cell-Rate, CitriSim

Cellarat-ORE CPR is a liquid supplement fed to help calves adapt to new stressful environments, formulated with complexed (organic) trace minerals. This starter product is designed to complement a total mixed ration fed to calves.

Loomix® Liquid Supplements for Feedlots

Loomix HF 15 is a highly concentrated fat liquid supplement designed to increase energy density in diets specifically for growing and finishing beef cattle. This energy-dense liquid supplement can also serve as a substitute for grain or grain by-products while conditioning the total mixed ration to help minimize dust.

Loomix Liquid Supplements for Dairies

Including Loomix in dairy rations provides and effective means to supplement lactating cows by minimizing nutrient shrink and dust loss through convenient storage and handling. The consistency of Loomix offers dairy producers solutions to formulate balanced, efficient rations, encouraging intake to maximize milk production. Custom mixes can be formulated to fit your needs. Our dairy blends also serve as a viable carrier for profit-enhancing feed additives.

ADM Specialty Ingredients for Liquid Supplements

Loomix  Top-Dress Products

Loomix top-dress products are high-quality supplements formulated specifically for livestock and equine to meet their unique nutritional needs. Our goal is to incorporate leading technology and innovation into every product we offer. Our products are carefully packaged and typically ship within 1-3 days of order. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our online customers obtain prompt service and orders are accurately processed, ensuring your satisfaction. To learn more about our equine and livestock top-dress products, visit and

Loomix Tub Products

Loomix Range Tubs are cooked free-choice supplements that provide protein, minerals and vitamins to help enable cattle to efficiently utilize available forage sources. Cooked tubs may help deliver consistent consumption.

Industrial Products

Road Genesis™ is a non-petroleum based soil stabilization and dust abatement product that helps to minimize dust clouds on county, lease and oil field roads and to stabilize oil field pads.