Calcium Suspensions and Custom MixesDairy Cow

Loomix calcium suspension products are complete supplements specifically formulated based on ration analysis and cattle nutrient requirements. The result is a supplement that complements the overall ration profile and meets cattle’s nutrient needs. Loomix calcium suspension and custom mix products can also be formulated with approved additives, providing an all-in-one package of protein, macro minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, and approved additives.

Simple Blends

Looking for specific liquid ingredients to incorporate into a total mixed ration (TMR)? Use Simple Blend products to complete the feeding program, such as to provide additional energy in the form of fat or sugar or to control ration dustiness.


CitriStim® is a proprietary, whole-yeast cell additive developed by ADM that may help the animal fortify its defense against health challenges. The yeast component of CitriStim may manipulate pathogens and mediate gut immune activity. The overall result is production benefits and an animal that does not easily succumb to daily health challenges. Learn more about CitriStim here!

Thermal CareTM

Take the stress out of heat stress with Thermal CareTM! For almost 10 years, ADM research has aggressively pursued natural nutritional solutions for reducing the performance slump caused by summer heat stress. The pillars supporting this technology include improved heat dissipation, reduced gut inflammation, and enhanced immune function.

What can you expect from Thermal Care?

Research results and field experience generally suggests the following responses in dairy cattle…

  • Feed intake increase of 1-3 lb/hd/day
  • Better milk production response of 2-5 lb/hd/day
  • Cows should recover body condition more rapidly
  • Somatic cells may decline slightly with no other changes in milk components


Why RumeNext-Dairy for your operation?

  • Specially formulated for lactating dairy cows
  • Special combination of select concentrated plant extracts
  • Patent-pending technology based on a five-year worldwide research program
  • Produced using unique ISO–FUSION™*process in which a standardized combination of plant extracts are micro-encapsulated in a protective matrix to enhance stability
  • Research has shown RumeNext-Dairy enhances rumen function by favorably altering rumen VFA profile and changes rumen-protein digestion, which yields better milk production responses
  • Extensive lactation trials in North America and Europe have demonstrated consistent benefits of RumeNext-Dairy
  • Complements balanced feed programs* ISO-FUSION™ is a trademark of Pancosma Marketing,Geneva, Switzerland.

Rumen Response to RumeNext®-Dairy:

  • Reduces protein degradation – Enables better utilization of peptides and amino acids by rumen microbes, which favors more efficient production of microbial protein.
  • Reduces rumen ammonia – Lower rumen ammonia reduces blood and milk urea levels.
  • Alters rumen volatile fatty acid (VFA)

    profile – Improved VFA profile enhances yield of milk components. A lower acetate:propionate ratio has positive implications for reducing methane losses while improving the amount of energy available for lactation.

Dairy Cow Response to RumeNext-Dairy:

  • Purdue University research trial results showed a 2.9 lb/hd/day milk production increase along with favorable responses to milk fat percentage and fat corrected milk production (Table 1).
  • In a summary of more than 12 trials, milk production increased an average 3.3 lb/hd/day for dairy cows fed RumeNext-Dairy (Figure 1). Also observed were improvements in milk fat percentage and reductions in milk urea nitrogen.

Ration Formulation

We can help formulate the most cost-effective ration while maximizing performance. Let us do the work for you! Staff Nutritionists can analyze and formulate rations to help you meet your production goals in the most cost-effective manner based on the resources of your operation