Loomix HF

Intended for growing and finishing cattle on a total mixed ration.

Loomix HF logoBenefits of HF 15% may include…

  • Additional or replacement energy source
  • 2.25 times the energy value of carbs and proteins from fat
  • Helps condition the ration
  • Economical source of fat

Weaning/Arrival Products

Does calves’ health appear compromised at weaning or transitioning into the feedlot? Loomix offers multiple products that can benefit calves during this critical production point. Loomix

Weaning/Arrival products are specifically formulated to meet the additional requirements of the highly stressed calf. In addition to providing complexed trace minerals, Loomix Weaning/Arrival products can also be formulated to include Cell-Rate®, CitriStim®, RumeNext®-Beef or Celmanax. Loomix Weaning/Arrival products include:

  • Loomix Cellarat-ORE C.P.R. w/ CitriStim
  • Loomix Cellarat-ORE C.P.R.
  • Loomix Ore-Bac® Starter

Simple Blends

Looking for specific liquid ingredients to incorporate into a total mixed ration (TMR)? Use Simple Blend products to complete the feeding program, such as to provide additional energy in the form of fat or sugar or to control ration dustiness.

Hay Treat

Hay Treat is a versatile product that can be poured directly on to forage bales or added to a TMR. Hay Treat is a molasses-based supplement that increases palatability of forages and can add condition to a ration. Hay Treat is fortified with crude protein, minerals, and vitamins.


The Natural Way to Enhance Performance – RumeNext-Beef is a natural feed additive based on highly-concentrated plant oil

extracts of cinnamon, cloves, and chili peppers. RumeNext is a proven natural alternative to ionophores for improving rumen efficiency which may lead to better growth performance, body condition score, and overall production.

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Calcium Suspensions and Customs Mixes

Loomix calcium suspension products are complete supplements specifically formulated based on ration analysis and cattle nutrient requirements. The result is a supplement that complements the overall ration Feedlotprofile and meets cattle’s nutrient needs. Loomix calcium suspension and custom mix products can also be formulated

with approved additives, providing an all-in-one package of protein, macro

minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, and approved additives.

Ration Formulation

We can help formulate the most cost-effective ration while maximizing performance. Let us do the work for you! Staff Nutritionists can analyze and formulate rations to help you meet your production goals in the most cost-effective manner based on the resources of your operation.