Loomix Ore-Bac

Ore-Bac, bitter-sweet, Liquid Feed

Ore-Bac® (Original Rumen Energizer-Bacteria) is a two-product, non-medicated liquid range supplement fed in an open-top trough formulated to provide nutrients to enhance forage utilization.

Protein: research shows that providing rumen bacteria access to nitrogen increases the microbe population and activity level, which increases fiber digestibility and utilization for low quality forages.

Fiber Utilization: Efficient fiber digestion enhances energy available to the animal to maintain overall health, body condition and performance.

Chelated/Complexed (organic) trace minerals: Chelated/complexed minerals are more readily available compared to inorganic mineral sources, which could be crucial to stressed cattle. Research shows increased bioavailable trace minerals support overall health status.

Free-Choice intake management: Dealers blend highly palatable (Sweet) and less palatable (Bitter) at the trough to achieve targeted cattle supplement intake.

Delivered in open-top troughs: Provides multiple cattle access to the trough 24 hours per day, which increases the opportunity for all cattle to consume the targeted supplement intake.


  •  A product so unique and powerful it received a United States patent on September 26, 2000
  • A liquid feed supplement produced by Alliance Liquid Feeds, LLC.
  • Designed to be fed at 1.5 lb per head daily to all classes of range cattle
  • Contains a complete vitamin and trace mineral package
  • Designed specifically to encourage optimum fiber digestion by rumen bacteria. In fact, fiber digestion has been shown to increase by up to 34%.
  • Designed for both calves and cows fed on range

Ruminants are unique

Cattle (a ruminant) have the ability to convert grass or hay into nutrients needed for producing quality, red meat for consumers. This process starts in the rumen with bacteria that efficiently and economically digest forages. The rumen can best be described as a large fermentation vat, and bacteria within this “vat” breakdown and digest feedstuffs consumed by the cow. These bacteria then pass through the digestive system, providing needed microbial protein to the cow. Rumen bacteria are extremely important because they enable the cow to utilize less expensive feed (forage) and produce more TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients) from that feed.

Ore-Bac . . .

  • Was developed specifically to foster a rumen environment conducive to a prolific bacterial population, resulting in more efficient utilization of forages consumed by the animal.
  • Is made from carefully selected ingredients (dry and liquid forms). These ingredients were chosen for their ability to provide nutrients essential to fiber-digesting rumen bacteria, supporting better production and efficiency.
  • Is a rumen engergizer. The ruminant animal’s main source of nutrition is the forages that it consumes. An effective range supplement should help a ruminant digest and consume forages more effectively – not become a feed source itself.
  • Designed to feed the microbial population that lives within the rumen. These microbes are extremely important because they digest the feed consumed by the animal. These bacteria change and multiply based on the type of dietthat the animal consumes and can supply a significant amount of a ruminant’s protein and energy needs.
  • Also benefits the animal by providing essential nutrients that by-pass the rumen environment. It is the proper combination of ingredients and nutrients that enables Ore-Bac’s superior performance.

The Results are in…

Ore-Bac was put to the test against several proven products. All products tested against Ore-Bac improved fiber digestion compared to no supplementation. However, Ore-Bac was a clear winner against all products tested. This testing was completed by an independent group, Colorado Animal Research Enterprises (CARE) in the winter of 1997 and spring of 1998. The test material was then sent to an independent laboratory for analysis and result compilation. In comparison to a commercial feed additive, the use of Ore-Bac resulted in 22% more fiber digestion. When compared to different levels of a selected enzyme, Ore-Bac showed digestion improvements from 43% to 67%. When tested against a conventional molasses-based liquid feed supplement, more nutrients were obtained from the total diet with Ore-Bac.

Ore-Bac liquid feed supplement, a product so good that it bears the Loomix name.