Specialty Ingredients

Now available in Loomix Liquid Supplements, ADM’s Specialty Ingredients provide innovative and health solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Our Specialty Ingredients team manages Alliance Liquid Feeds’s proprietary, exclusive and innovative ingredients and products.

Loomix delivers peace-of-mind by providing customers with the nutritional power that comes from being one of the nation’s oldest and most trusted liquid supplement provider. Innovation requires a commitment. By committing resources to research and technology, we are able to offer beef producers one-of-a-kind, value-added feed additives in a convenient liquid supplements formulated to enhance health and production responses to help producers bring home the best return on investment.

CitriStim, ADM Specialty Ingredients, Feed Additives

CitriStim® is an ADM proprietary source of yeast mannans and beta glucans that may favorably impact the gut microbial population. The yeast component of CitriStim may help support the immune system, which may enable cattle to direct more energy towards milk production, growth and development and may enhance feed efficiency.

RumeNext, ADM Specialty Products, Feed Additive

RumeNext® is a patent-pending combination of concentrated plant oil extracts that enhances rumen fermentation for favorable production responses. This all-natural, ionophore alternative is especially beneficial to include in beef and dairy cattle diets.

 Cell-Rate, ADM Speciality Ingredients, Feed Additive

Cell-Rate is a combination of purified nucleotides along with other nutrients, which may help fuel natural metabolic processes involved in stress, immunity, and production. This additive can be used in liquid supplements and is found in Cellarator products. Cell-Rate has also been proven to positively impact arrival cattle health.

ThermalCare, ADM Specialty Ingredients, Feed Additive

ThermalCare™ is a combination of encapsulated plant extracts and immune stimulants to help deter the negative effects of heat stress that cause slower growth, lower milk production and compromised reproductive performance.

Biuret, ADM Specialty Ingredients, NPN Nitrogen Source

Biuret is a cost-effective, controlled-release non-protein nitrogen source. Its predictable and safe rumen ammonia release pattern allows for greater formulation flexibility in both beef and dairy liquid supplements. The unique nature of biuret makes it easy to include in ruminant diets while helping to lower production costs.

Liquid Fly Control Solutions

IGR Fly Control, ADM Specialty Ingredients, Feed Additive

Loomix IGR provides a convenient, free-choice liquid solution to control profit-robbing horn flies. Horn flies alone cost the cattle industry over $1 billion each year and can have a significant impact on performance, from weight loss to decreased milk production. Loomix IGR (methoprene) prevents immature horn flies from developing into adults.


Loomix 4X delivers a convenient, low-maintenance, free-choice liquid solution to control profit-robbing and nuisance flies. Loomix 4X (Rabon®*) passes through the digestive system into the animal’s manure, killing fly larvae after fly eggs hatch. Target horn, face, house and stable flies, Loomix 4X helps to reduce adult fly populations. (*Not a trademark of ADM.)