What is RumeNext®-Beef?RumeNext logo 0210_Beef
RumeNext-Beef is a patent-pending combination of concentrated plant extracts that are standardized and protected in a micro-encapsulated shell. Standardized extracts of cinnamon, cloves, and pepper are the active plant extracts. The encapsulated extracts are blended into a carrier for convenient delivery to the cattle on farm or feedlot. This product is an all-natural ionophore alternative.

How was RumeNext-Beef developed?
RumeNext-Beef was developed by a team of scientists working in a five-year, worldwide research program coordinated by ADM and Pancosma. Pancosma is a leading European ingredient supplier. This specialty ingredient was developed using bench-top methods to screen more than 50 plant extracts for their effect on rumen fermentation.

What is the purpose of RumeNext-Beef?
RumeNext-Beef is specially formulated for growing cattle. In research trials with growing cattle, this all-natural ionophore alternative has shown increased growth and efficiency without altering feed intake. It may also lower arrival cattle morbidity and mortality.

How does RumeNext-Beef work?
RumeNext-Beef affects feed digestion by acting on certain rumen microbes. This feed additive changes the profile of rumen-volatile fatty acids (VFA) and changes rumen-protein digestion. It lowers rumen-acetate level and increases propionate and butyrate levels. It reduces the breakdown of amino acids in the rumen and, thus, lowers rumen ammonia-nitrogen levels. The product has no effect on rumen pH.

How is the product available?
RumeNext-Beef is available as an ingredient in specific Loomix manufactured liquid feeds. This exclusive ADM Specialty Ingredient is also available in custom blends.

Performance Benefits

What are the most common benefits when feeding RumeNext-Beef?
In two 35-day trials, RumeNext-Beef improved ADG (2-5%), feed efficiency (1-3%), and health status of growing cattle. Response was magnified (10-18%) during transition or high-stress periods (day 1-14).

Does RumeNext-Beef have any effect on health?
RumeNext-Beef is considered as a rumen modifier; however, cattle fed extract were treated and retreated 50 to 84% less than controls.

What are the economics of feeding RumeNext-Beef?
In receiving studies, RumeNext-Beef offers a 9:1 ROI based on improved ADG.

Recommended Use

In what type of diets will RumeNext-Beef work best?
This product works best in diets that contain optimum amounts of rumen-fermentable carbohydrate and degradable protein. It may be especially beneficial in diets that contain a high amount of soluble true protein, such as when animals are grazing pasture or when being fed high amounts of corn co-products.

Can RumeNext-Beef be fed in combination with Rumensin®*?
Yes. RumeNext-Beef has a different mode of action in the rumen compared with Rumensin, and the two additives are complementary. However, when Rumensin is present at the approved level, the feeding rate of RumeNext-Beef should be limited to 0.25 oz/head/day to gain the full benefit of both additives.

Can RumeNext-Beef be fed in combination with other feed additives or medications?
Yes. RumeNext-Beef complements other additives typically found in cattle rations. The product has no known restrictions with medications in total mixed rations or range supplements.

Is RumeNext-Beef palatable?
Yes. This product can be used as a top-dress or it can be mixed into the TMR or concentrate portion of the diet. It has a pleasant aroma, which may be noticeable on the farm.

*Not a trademark of ADM.

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