Cellarat-ORE CPR

Cellarat-ORE CPR combines Cell-Rate® and Ore-Bac® Starter for a one-two punch in managing the effects of stress andto positively impact calf health in arrival/receiving programs. Cell-Rate is an all-natural feed additive that has been shown in research trials to help minimize the effects of stress and enhance an animal’s ability to fight off disease naturally through an accelerated immune response. The use of Cell-Rate with Ore-Bac Starter to produce Cellarat-Ore CPR provides a starting program that will help calves get a faster start on feed, which can have a beneficial impact on a calf’s health status and performance.

Cell-Rate provides nucleotides that nourish natural cell growth and proliferation, which may have beneficial effects on overall body function (such as maintenance, production, reproduction, growth, immunity, digestion, and recovery from injury) and well-being of the animal, especially under stressful conditions. Almost two decades of research studies involving over 200 trials document Cell-Rate’s effectiveness. Studies also show animal consuming Cell-Rate had lower levels of stress enzymes and lactic acid versus controls.

Benefits of Cellarate-ORE CPR

  • Get arrival calves on feed faster
  • Reduce labor and treatment costs associated with receivingcattle
  • Allow cattle to reach their genetic potential
  • Improve bottom line

Program recommendations

CPR Table 1Cellarat-ORE CPR is provided to stressed calves in a convenient liquid form and fed in a Loomix® open-top trough located within the receiving pen. The purpose of Cellarat-ORE CPR is to condition the rumen so that it can function effectively and efficiently, reducing the need for antibiotic therapy by enabling the calf to adapt to stress more quickly.

One unit of Cellarat-ORE CPR is equivalent to 30 pounds. Once one unit of Cellarat-ORE CPR has been consumed, a calf is better equiped to withstand stress, enhancing its ability to

maximize genetic potential. At this point Cellarat-ORE CPR has done its job.

The period of time needed to consume one unit of Cellarat-ORE CPR will depend on factors such as genetics, animal weight, diet, environment, and overall stress level. Some calves will go through one unit in 8-10 days while others may take up to 28-30 days. If overconsumption is a concern, any Loomix® Bitter product can be used to slow consumption.CPR Table 2.gif

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