Ore-Bac Starter

Starter CalvesDesigned to fight


  • A rumen conditioner
  • Designed to get cattle on dry feed quickly
  • Works with balanced rations
  • Helps manage the affects of stress
  • Helps condition the rumen for optimum digestion
  • Delivered cost is the fed cost

Stress can lead to many problems from mild to severe. Stress is not always manifested in observable symptoms, yet it can contribute to economic loss. One significant effect of stress is an unstable rumen, which has an undesirable economic impact. The rumen

environment is very complex and sensitive. Small changes in the animal’s diet can result in varying rumen pH. Small changes in pH will result in depopulation and repopulation of different types of rumen bacteria and microbes. The change in rumen population can be a subclinical condition, which is not easily detected. However, its economic impact can be significant if allowed to continue.

A shift in the rumen bacterial population can cause a decrease in feed intake.

Young ruminants typically experience greater levels of stress because of the stage of their life. In their first eight to ten months of age, they will be subjected to various levels of stress. One such stress is weaning, which causes a change

in the calf’s rumen environment. The resulting change could lead to a loss of appetite and, if allowed to continue, immune system suppression. These changes can happen rapidly or much more slowly. The longer and more intense the stress, the longer time needed for recovery.

The key to managing stress is first understanding that all animals will undergo stress, especially at weaning. This is regardless of the physical appearance of the animal. The second key is to provide the proper nutrients and amounts required to keep a rumen consistently healthy. Ore-Bac Starter is an economical way to do just that. It’s a rumen conditioner designed to get cattle on feed quick and it is designed to work with balanced rations.